Pastor Celia Brockhurst

Celia BrockhurstI was born in the South of England in Dorset coming to London when I was 17 and living in various places. I have been married to Dennis for 37 years in June and we have 2 grown up sons and 3 grandchildren with another one expected in July.

For many years, I attended many different churches off and on looking for God and finally met him unexpectedly in 1985. He used the situation I was in and what I had learnt at college from the world to change my life. What a difference he made! Finding him enabled me to find the church that he wanted me to be in, to worship Him and have some fun.

Dennis and I have always served the Lord in church, first of all being responsible for small jobs and then becoming co-ordinators and responsible for meetings taking place and information being given out. In 2004 God asked us to take over leading the church and we were licensed as Ministers. In 2006 we were officially ordained as Pastors and now lead 3 Family Churches.

My main areas or ministry are to encourage people to believe that they are special to God, that they are important to Him and that he has things for them to do that only they can do for Him. Together with Dennis we pastor and nurture leaders, encourage people to take their rightful pre-ordained place in God’s Kingdom and provide marriage support where necessary.