Apostle Dennis Brockhurst

Dennis Brockhurst

I was born in June 1951, in London, into a family that had no time for God; a family that was busy being focussed on family issues rather than anything else, but not able to deal with them. That focus was wrong as it didn’t encourage any contact with the world outside of the family in case it made things worse. As children, my brother and I were taught to be self-sufficient wherever possible, relying on no-one at all.

I married my wife, Celia, in June 1970 and have two wonderful sons who have grown up and now have their own families. Neither of us knew the Lord when we got married, however, I believe that God brought us together for a purpose. We have been through difficult times in our marriage but when we came to know the Lord in the 1980s and live our lives in accordance with His word, it empowered us to make our marriage a testimony of love and friendship.

I invited Jesus into my life on 25th August 1987 when I discovered that God is able to do all things – even change my thought processes. I have not looked back since then. Rather I have discovered that my strengths (my natural ability to do most things) were really my weaknesses; my upbringing, teaching me to be self sufficient, was really a barrier to my relationship with the Lord.

Celia and I have both been involved in actively serving the church since giving our lives to the Lord, managing the administrative functions as well as the audio visual requirements of the meetings for at least nine years. In 2004, Celia and I were licensed to preach as Ministers and took over the pastoral duties of a family church in East London. We were formally ordained as Pastors in 2006 and having run three churches in Thurrock and East London for many years, we now spend time mentoring and supporting church leaders and seeing God perform miracles in people’s lives. We also minister to those who have been hurt by events in their lives and just need someone to talk to and believe in them.

Whilst we live in Thurrock, where we are involved in the running of organisations such as our local Community Group and our Village Hall, we have connections with churches of different denominations, including African led churches in both Essex and London and as lead by the Lord, we preach in England, Europe, Africa and Asia when we are sent.

Since I started a relationship with Jesus, things have been getting better and better and God has been doing wonderful things in my life and in the lives of the people around me. I have discovered the power of prayer and seen it bring miracles into action in my life. However there is something even more powerful than that which I have discovered - the power of God’s love. That is the power to move mountains.

After having a serious accident in 1994, I have personally experienced the miraculous healing power of His word in my own life and I am only alive today because of God’s mercy despite what the doctors had to say. Not only was I healed of the serious brain damage that I received in the accident, I came out of that hospital a completely changed person; in my health, my life and even my way of thinking.