The Christmas Message

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

No-one knew what was coming, although they’d been told
They just didn’t remember, the promise of old 

The promise had been given, to all who’d obey
That the one God would save them, that He’d make a way;

Yet the people were sleeping, in the land of nod
Their thinking had gone somewhere, to all else but God;

But God couldn’t be put off, He knew what He’d said
It was put down in writing, so it could be read;

His angel said to Mary, with child you will be
She said, though I’m not wed yet, let this come to me;

Her cousin was with baby, not too far away
So Mary went to see her, till then she would stay;

So when Liz had her baby, her friends chose his name
But when she heard it she said, that isn’t God’s aim;

Then they looked at his father, shouting his names John
For the angel has said it, it isn’t a con;

For John had a job to do, to declare to us
That our Jesus was coming, and we mustn’t cuss;

He would baptise with water, but he’s not the one
Who would give his life for you, that had to be done;

Now Rome called for a census, and all had to move
To the place where they came from, so that they could prove:

So Mary had to go there, and Joseph went too
Even though she was pregnant, and baby was due;

But their journey was troubled, the inn had no room
Just a crib in a manger, amongst all the gloom;

When Mary’s time was ready, the shepherds did hear
That a saviour was born them, and he was quite near;

So they left their sheep saying, let us go and see
This person God has sent us, and they went with glee;

With what name shall we call Him, His name is Jesus
Does that name have a meaning? It is God with us;

Now, wise men who were looking, who tried to see where
Saw a star that was moving, and followed it there;

Good presents they brought with them, to worship their King
When they saw Him they all said, how great is this thing;

And the angels all worshiped, glory to the Lamb
He’s the one who is worthy, the devil can scram;

So with this as our message, will you let me guide?
This Jesus is our saviour, for your sins He died;

But what does that mean to you, and what of your sin
And your pride and arrogance, put that in the bin;

And all of your wrong doing, don’t go around blind
Turn around and love Jesus, leave all else behind;

Do you know where you're failing, open the scripture
Let God change your heart to it, you’ll be much richer;

Let me leave you a warning, His kingdom is near
You’re either ready or not, so what is your fear?

Tis the time to talk to God, just open your heart
Let Him do the work in there, don’t try to be smart;

For just one thing is certain, we’re all going to die
But, without loving Jesus, you’re likely to fry;