Principles of healing

Sickness is not from God.  God is very clear on this, in Exodus 15:26 He said, “I am the LORD, who heals you.”  Jesus is the same:

At sunset, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them (Luke 4:40.)

Sickness is from God’s enemy and ours — Satan, it is part of his warfare against the human race. 

Jesus came to destroy the devil’s work and in the three years of His ministry, He went around healing many people who were sick or oppressed by the devil.  When Jesus died, He completed His work by bearing in His body all our sicknesses and all our diseases and all our sins.  The bible says that by His stripes, His wounds, we are healed (an exchange has taken place.)  Read Isaiah 53:4-5.

Healing needs to be received by faith, but we also need to be aggressive with the enemy, not just passive.  We are at war!

Some people are unconsciously choosing to be ill; being healed and healthy brings responsibilities and demands! Are you ready for that?

We need to change our beliefs and the attitudes of our heart to agree with God.  We need to repent of unbelief.  True repentance brings the past to a conclusion and is followed by a change of direction, and changed attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, behaviour and lifestyles to agree with God.  It is leaving behind the luggage of sin that has been dragging you down and being free to go God’s way.

Jesus was not angry with sinners.  He called them to repentance.  We are all sinners, all imperfect, disobedient, rebellious or self-righteous.  Sin takes different disguises, but it is all sin!

But the angels in heaven rejoice about one sinner repenting.

Some reasons why people get sick

There are many reasons why people get sick:  some diseases, such as eczema and asthma, are hereditary.  The family line needs to be broken in the name of Jesus.

Some family ties bind people in the wrong way.  For instance, children learn their parents’ attitudes and thought patterns of expecting to be ill - believing that they will eventually get any illness that is going around.  Some people believe that they will die of the same illness as their parents.  This is negative believing; believing what is not true; believing a lie!  It is a kind of fatalism and unbelief, doubting God’s goodness and power.  You believe what your negative thoughts tell you, and what your unbelieving friend says, instead of believing that God can and will heal you and protect you.

Some diseases are obviously the direct result of sin.  For instance, sexual immorality can lead to sexually transmitted diseases.  Smoking can cause lung cancer, inhaling laughing gas (Nitrous oxide) can cause memory loss, incontinence depression and psychosis amongst other things.  Wrong attitudes of unforgiveness, resentment or bitterness can cause illness and disease.  We are body, mind and spirit, not in separate compartments, but all in one and sickness of the spirit can affect the body and the mind.

Some sicknesses are caused by a spirit of infirmity.  Curses or occult involvement by the sick person or by their ancestors can produce illness.  Sins of ancestors can have an effect for generations - Satan has a foothold in this weak place which gives him the space to get in.

Jesus came to set us free

Jesus came to set us free from disease itself and from the fear of disease.

Jesus preached the good news, and He demonstrated His power — the power of God, over Satan by what He said and did and by His miracles of healing.

Receiving His power for healing for ourselves and through us for other people depends on the kind of heart we have.  What is your heart like?  What kind of ground is it for the word of God and faith to grow?

If you have received the new life of God by the Holy Spirit, you have the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead within you!  Create faith in your own heart by hearing, believing and acting upon what God says.  

Clean up your life in every part.  Jesus can set you free from bitterness and resentment.  He can help you replace doubt with faith.  He can make you able to forgive:  but you have to be willing to change and willing to receive.

We are at war!  The enemy is looking for your weak places to get a foothold on you.  So make sure you are on God’s side!  Build your faith.  Work to make your weak places strong by co-operating with God to rebuild your life.  Believe that the power of faith-filled prayer will heal the sick.  Ask for prayer and believe and receive your healing.