How should I study the bible?

When studying any subject in the bible, it is important that we first commit ourselves to the Lord and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Father, I ask that You would clear my mind and my heart from anything that I might bring to this study; that You would have a clean vessel in me to fill with Your revelation of the passages I am about to read. I pray Father that You would enlighten my eyes as I read that which You have caused to be written that I may come to know You more through them. I ask this Father in Jesus Name. Amen!

With that done, there are some simple rules that, if you follow them, will help you get to the truth with great clarity. These are as follows:

1) With every bible study that you do, there should always be three things that you should be looking for:

  • where is the information,
  • what does it mean to me and
  • how does it change me.
Never be in a hurry to get finished with the bible study, the longer you linger the more you will receive from the word of God.

2) Never reject what the scripture says because:

  • you don’t understand it or,
  • it does not confirm what you are looking for or,
  • you don’t believe what it says.

There are far too many people who have failed to find their peace and their destiny in the word of God because it does not confirm with their way of thinking.

3) Never take the scripture you are studying out of the context in which it is written. Scripture must always be kept in context with:

  • the passage in which it is written,
  • the book in which it is written,
  • the Testament in which it is written and
  • the whole bible.

If you try to interpret a scripture out of context you will always remove it from the Father’s intent into your own intent.

4) Never try to disprove a scripture because you are uncomfortable with it. If it causes you a discomfort, study the scripture to see why it causes you to feel that way and why His word is right.

5) Never assume that you know what a scripture means because you can read it in just one place. Always try to find it somewhere else to confirm what you think. You will often discover that the more you find something in the bible, it will bring more clarity to you.

If you will study the bible keeping these simple rules in mind, you will be blessed every time you open the Good Book and the Father will reveal the deepest things to you.