The Partnership Program

If you don’t understand what the Partnership Program is all about, you need to read this before doing anything else.

Being in partnership with someone is not a simple thing that just happens accidentally; neither does it happen because of some simple emotional pull. It is the result of making a firm decision, based on a clear understanding about someone, a level of trust in that person and a level of faith for that person.

The Partnership Program is all about covenant relationships; these are relationships in which both parties are fully committed to achieving the very best for the person you are covenanted to. That requires time, effort and energy from you at the very least.

The covenant relationship is a firm bond that is formed between people who join forces and resources to travel together with a commitment to reaching the end of that journey together; having the same goal in the path they are taking with joint prayer and faith in achieving the end together. The Partnership Program is not about two people being in agreement with each other, it is about inviting God into the covenant relationship - the three stranded cord that the bible speaks of.

The Partnership Program is the way that you can connect and interact with us to achieve together that which God has purposed us both for. Where we can, together, support each other and share each others responsibilities, visions and burdens as we walk with God along the path He has chosen for us.

The Partnership Program requires something from both of us.

What will the people at DB Ministries commit to? We will:

  • Pray for you regularly
  • Seek the Lord for your well being
  • Encourage you with God's word
  • Sow the word of God into your life
  • Keep in contact with you

What do we require you to do for us at DB Ministries? We will want you to:

  • Pray for us regularly
  • Seek the Lord for our well being
  • Encourage us with what you are doing
  • Sow into our ministry in any way that you can
  • Keep in contact with us